We all know that the peer to peer share economy is rising, especially in these interesting times we find ourselves in. Who wouldn’t want to make a few extra dollars? Why not share resources to save money, and the environment? Over the past four years the share economy has had significant growth and forecasters predict it will exceed $335 billion by 2025 (PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), making it one of the largest public opt-in collaborative economies.

In this space there are so many options now available thanks to technology. But how can you find what you need? Who has time to scroll through countless sites? Not us, as we found out!

On an overseas trip last year we got a bit caught out and needed to arrange a car, get a friend to a conference to meet us there plus we lost one of our bags so didn’t have the evening wear for a black tie function, not to mention our accommodation had been double booked … it was a nightmare! So, we did what you would think would solve the issue – we Googled. But after hours of scrolling through various sites trying to find what we needed, only to not find it, we got fed up. We needed to find so many things but had no easy way to know if they operated where we were, what options they had or what were the alternatives. After this experience we thought there must be a better way … And this is how Sepixo.com was born!

With Sepixo.com you can find everything you need in one place. The search feature allows you to find it in the country where you are, or maybe travelling to. It makes it so easy to find anything you may need or want in the peer to peer share economy. Whether it is accommodation, ride or car share, couch sharing or need a gorgeous designer outfit for one night … Sepixo.com has you covered.